• Hitoduma Onsen Hotel Health


    "Hitoduma" means "married woman".
    Our concept is "married woman's erotic services".

  • Concept

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    being loved by many people for 10 years

    Our shop is a hotel health which have a top-class repeat rate and being loved by many people for 10 years in Osaka.

    "Hitoduma" means "married woman".

    married woman's erotic services

    Our concept is "married woman's erotic services".
    Only the lady selected carefully is enrolled in our store.
    Please enjoy our adult entertainment.

  • Services

    Deep kissing, unprotected fellatio, full-body lip service, 69, intercrural sex (simulated insertion), Anal blame etc...
    ※Actual sex (intercourse) is prohibited.


    Please come to the shop and pay the charge, you can go to the hotel with our companion.


    Age 32

    It is a newcomer of expectation! Celebrity-style Special wife's entrance.

    A beautiful facial beauty that is gorgeous, and erotic pheromone with plenty of color is Munmun.
    Beautiful beautiful and pretty nice ass with pretty in soft, beautiful breasts of just right size to fit in hands.
    A slender body with a comfortable feeling with meat adequately not too thin.


    Age 30

    Petite Big Tits wife is entering the store.
    It is an outstanding body with a petite and full of embracing feeling on the deep facial of exotic carving.
    Brilliant and refreshing reception with charm will be very energetic.
    A plush woman is a perfect wife for your favorite customer :)


    Age 30

    Big tits F cup Young wife's entrance! It is!

    From the calm atmosphere of neat black hair, it is not clear at first glance hidden big tits.
    I am excited about the gap between a little pretty face and pretty face.
    It is never fat because it is a naughty body, so be relieved ♪

    Please try by all means.

  • Price



    60min 26,000yen
    75min 32,000yen
    90min 40,000yen
    120min 50,000yen
    No Sex ,Only Oral sex or Bare crotch

    Other fee

    additional extension(+30min) 20,000yen
    additional extension(+60min) 40,000yen
    Admission fee 2,000yen~
    Request fee(from lady's pictures) 2,000yen
    Request fee(lady's that you have experienced before) 4,000yen
    Hotel room charge FREE


    Nagajyuban Costume(made of light fabric and worn under the kimono) 2,000yen
    Panty(your present after the play) 2,000yen
    Pantyhose(your present after the play) 2,000yen
    Rotor 2,000yen
    Fishnet tights 2,000yen
    Fishnet whole body tights 4,000yen
    Vibrator(small size) 4,000yen
    Orugasuta 4,000yen
    Massager 6,000yen
    Piss performance 6,000yen
    Vibrator(medium size) 8,000yen
    Facial 8,000yen
    Masturbation appreciation 8,000yen
    Sperm cum 10,000円
    Vibrator(large size) 10,000円
    Watersports 10,000yen

  • Attention


    Actual sex (intercourse) is prohibited.

    Intercourse is not possible with Japan’s sexual services (all services concentrate on hand and mouth services and simulated inserted. No intercourse.)
    Photographing camera, digital camera or mobile phones, video recording etc, are all strictly prohabited.


    The service can only take place in the room previously advised to us. It is not possible to move to another location.
    Violent conduct toward the companion is prohibited (conduct in which the companion experiences physical or mental pain.)
    Only the companion and the customer may be in the room during the service (allowing other people into the room is prohibited.)


    The companion will play the leading part in the service. (No intercourse.)
    Please make sure you follow the companion’s instructions.


    Failure to observe any of the above will result in the service being ended immediately.
    Note that paid fees will not be refunded in this event.
    (The details will also be reported to the police if we feel that the conduct was vicious.)


    ※If the customer is in violation of any of the items laid down in the agreement form, the service will be ended immediately and the companion will leave. Note that paid fees will not be refunded in this event.
    (The details will also be reported to the police if we feel that the conduct was vicious.)
    Note that there are cases in which the police will be called or an attorney contracted to file civil action against the customer if any of the prohibited acts are carried out.

  • Contact Us

    JR Osaka-Loop-Line『Kyobashi Station』
    Keihan Railway Main Line『Kyobashi Station』
    Osaka Municipal Subway Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line『Kyobashi Station』
    5 minutes on foot

    4 Higashinoda-cho Miyakojima-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Japan
    7 Days A week 10:00~24:00
    +81 6-6355-3130